Arts & Society - Bloomsday Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
Arts and Society
James Joyce - Bloomsday Martha's Vineyard



43rd Annual

June 17, 2023 Saturday, 8pm
Katharine Cornell Theater
Vineyard Haven
Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
Performers include:
Phil Dietterich,
Gerry Yukevich
Molly Conole, Pam Schnatterly
Kevin Ryan
Alexandro Y. De Chiara
Ian Chickering

World Premiere by composer Phil Dietterich


All Tickets: $25
Sold at the door on the night of the show.
Advanced tickets available at Bunch of Grapes, Vineyard Haven.

(cash or cheque only)

Music, songs, drama, humor ... the longest known celebration of the life and works of James Joyce on this planet.
Arts & Society's Bloomsday was featured in Newsweek Magazine, June 14, 2004.


John Crelan, Founder and Artistic Director
Information for all events: (508) 696-0539


Phyllis Curtin
John Drabik*
Steve Elman
Edward Hoagland
Robert J. Lurtsema *
Mary Manning *
William V. Shannon *
Dave MacNeill
Donald Martino*
Abby Rockefeller
Russell Sherman
* Emeritus


Virgil Thomson (Pulitzer Prize)
Donald Martino (Pulitzer Prize)
Arthur Berger
Jeanne Singer
Frederick Tillis
John Heiss
Malcolm Peyton
T.J. Anderson, II
Thomas Read
James Yannatos
Herman Weiss
Lyle Davidson
Mark Harvey
John Felice
Oliver Schneller
Brian Hughes
Phil Dietterich

Seamus Heaney (Nobel Prize)
Desmond O'Grady
Lloyd Schwartz (Pulitzer Prize)
Arthur Williams
Thomas Heffernan
Richard Moore
Alan Broughton
Martin Robbins
Madeline Mason
Sam Cornish
Gerry Yukevich

Russell Sherman
Hsueh-Yung Shen
Christopher O'Riley
Steven Drury
Martin Amlin
Vivian Taylor
Ralph Richey
Fredericka King
Mark Feldhusen
John McDonald
Donald Berman
Larry Phillips
Phil Dietterich
Karl Dan Sorensen
Jane Struss
Robert Honeysucker
Lorraine DiSimone
Barbara Winchester
Michael Calmes
Kimberley Parsons
Fritz Robertson
Louise Cloutier
Laurel Stavis
Marjorie McDermott
Lisa Graf
Elizabeth Balay
Molly Conole
John Drabik
Joan Gale
James Spruill
Pam Schnatterly
Cahal Stephens
Bill Cavness
Rose Liberace
Donal O'Sullivan
Robert J. Lurtsema
Ben Jayston
John Crelan
John Schnatterly
Rebecca Wells
Dan Daly
Doug Kent
Rez Williams
David Omar White
David O'Docherty
Bruce Coppock (cello)
Kathleen Guilday (Irish harp)
Craig Ball (clarinet)
David Hoose (French horn)
Daniel Stepner (violin)
Sharmane Eve Simard (Irish harp)
David O'Dockerty (Irish flute)
Native American Music performed by members of the Boston Indian Council
The New Blue
(Yale's Oldest All Female A Cappella Group)


Arts & Society (a non-profit, tax exempt organization) has provided concerts, concert dramas and literary events since 1979. Many living composers, artists, choreographers and writers and hundreds of different performers have been featured. One of our goals is to provide a vehicle for emerging talent. Many of these programs have been rebroadcast on WBUR and WCRB. The Bloomsday celebration (the oldest continuous public celebration of the life and works of James Joyce in the U. S. and perhaps anywhere) has been rebroadcast on Cable T.V. in Cambridge and on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. For further information contact founder and artistic director John Crelan at P.O. Box 4485, Vineyard Haven Ma. 02568, (508) 696-0539; or visit us on the web at

John Crelan, founder and director of Arts & Society, was born in Hartford, Conn. He received his M.A. in history from Trinity College and his B.A. from the University of Hartford, where he also taught world and Russian and Soviet history. He has also taught English and creative writing at Emerson College and Suffolk U. He has worked and/or studied with Joseph Papp, Lee Grant and Philip Burton. His satires, poetry and book reviews have appeared on the op-ed pages of several newspapers, including the Boston Herald, the Chicago Tribune, the Cambridge Chronicle, the Chronicle of Orleans County, Vermont, the Record of Sherbrooke, Quebec and the Vineyard Gazette. His one act plays The Screwdriver and Vain were recently performed via the Dear Conjunction theatre in Paris.

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